2563th Buddha Purnima

2563th Buddha Purnima…..

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Today on 18/05/2018, In Tripura all Chakma, Mog, Barua Community peoples were celebrated “Buddha Purnima” with various activities, at early morning “Prabhat Feri” day around “Buddha Puja”, “Sanga Dhana”, “Asta Puraskar Dana”, “Blood Donation”, Distributing Fruits for patients, distribution of rice & cloths to the poor peoples etc. This day is very important for all over the work for Buddhist and celebrate in a big way all over the country. Like others Tripura peoples(Chakma) were not in behind.

Black Day for Chakma’s 17th August

17th August Black Day for Chakma Community.

*17th August All Chakma Community’s Black Day. In 1947 undivided India CHT were 98.5% non-muslim populated area. As per boundary commission law all non-muslim populated area will be part of India. But illegally CHT was awarded in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh). That’s why Chakma people got minority due to this. Its a black day for all Chakmas.

TCSA Conference cum Fresher’s Meet 2018

TCSA Conference cum Fresher’s Meet 2018.

#11-12 August 2018, Dasda, North Tripura, India, Bidi Gelogoi TCSA 5 Pollar Conference aah 9 Pollar Nou Hojoma Goji Lona. Siyot azil elak maan bola gorba Minister Dangubi Santana Chakma, MLA Dangu Sambhulal Chakma, IAS Dangu Tarit Kanti Chakma aah judo judo jagattun maan bola gorba, aah agori TCSA haam dari un. Aah Nou Ribeng Committee
bana oye.